Make- Out Songs

Buddy Greco

For The Love Of You

It was brought to my attention that I haven’t shared my latest and greatest favorites in my Musical Make-Out Odyssey in some time.  BOY, ARE YOU IN LUCK. HERE’s AN UPDATE!

Gordon Lightfoot

Go-Go Round

My friend met Gordon Lightfoot!  LUCKY DUCK.  This is my favorite “up” number by him.  I also love many “downers.” Poor go-go girl!

Big Freedia

Land Van De Blues

Last night I attended a Big Freedia performance.  There was a lot of butt movement onstage. I was very tempted to go onstage as well. I held back. I’ve heard the trick is that it’s all in the ankles.

Various Artists

Massachusetts -Anita O'Day With Gene Krupa And His Orchestra

I had a song in my head for a week but didn’t remember any of the lyrics, or apparently the correct content of the song or even the goddamn singer and what she sounded like BUT I had one thing:  the word “Massachusetts.”  I would sing it in the shower going “dun dun dun dun dun Massachusetts” over and over. It drove me crazy. Then the internet helped me. And then I found it. It’s much different than I remember but STILL DELIGHTFUL! LISTEN!

Bill Callahan

Baby's Breath

Bill Callahan put out a new album.  I have made it a point for several years to see him whenever he sonorously rolls into town, whether I like what he’s promoting or not.  I really disliked the last one he put out.  I’m just listening to the new one and I like it a lot better.  He has made the Kristin-baiting and excellent choice to include jazzy flute in some of the songs.  This one has no such jazziness but it is engaging.  He can sing the phonebook, really. I mean, really. REALLY.